Adaco, LLC is a professional organization focused on the Preservation of Real Property. We offer a wide range of Field Services that include but are not limited too Vacant Property Registrations, Code Violation Management, HOA Violations, Property Inspections, Property Preservation, REO rehabs and a variety of repairs.

At Adaco, Security, Appearance and Code/Regulation Compliance of Real Property along with longevity of work performed are of utmost importance.

Currency with all applicable FHA, HUD and VA guidelines including the proper procedures for securing, winterizing and maintaining Real Property is central to our preservation services.

Adaco has a team dedicated to the accuracy of Vacant Property Registrations, the research involved and to the working relationships with municipalities across the country.

We are fully insured company that includes both General Liability and Errors & Omissions.

Years of experience in the field have yielded exceptional customer satisfaction with our performance, quality of work and managed service for both government agencies (i.e. HUD, VA) and private sector clients.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your current and future needs.

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