Adaco, LLC is a professional field services company, populated with a staff of highly skilled, well trained, knowledgeable and motivated individuals. Each member of the Field Services team maintains in depth knowledge of the regulations, codes and requirements in order to satisfy the expectations of HUD, FHA and the Real Property Mortgage and Financial Management community as well as Code Enforcement Departments and Municipalities across the nation.

Adaco excels at handling every project, simple items to the most complex, with accuracy, ethics, and enthusiasm to ensure consistent on time results.

Adaco consistently completes 98% of assigned projects within 48 hours with the highest degree of satisfaction. This includes Vacant Property Registrations, Property Preservation, REO work orders.

At Adaco, Our Property Preservation & REO departments utilize professional tools, commercial grade equipment, trailers, and vehicles, coupled with professional behavior in the field are an absolute obligation as representatives of our customers.

Our VPR, Code & HOA Violations departments utilze well trained, skilled individuals to research and communicate; in a professional mannor, with each municipality. This allows us to maintained an accurate database of current municipal ordinances.

Adaco takes immense pride in our accurate, on time quality of work, professionalism, both in the field and on the phone, and consistent customer satisfaction. You can rest assured that even if it goes wrong, Adaco will correct the action to our clients expectations and satisfaction.

Here at Adaco we know that you have a choice and we would welcome the opportunity to be considered as that choice.
Given the chance we are confident that we will exceed your expectations. One job or One Hundred jobs, each one will be addressed as if it were our last.

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