Services Offered

Vacant Property Registration - Turn key support of property registration and ordinance compliance for notice of default, pre-foreclosure, vacant property, renewal, and deregistration requirements based on municipality requirements.

Code Violation Management - Adaco's reports provide specific details which identifies unrecorded municipal code violations, fines, liens, permit, and any other code violations.

HOA Violation Services - Determine the HOA for respective properties. Provide contact, violation, and collections information (if applicable). Determine if any HOA violations are present as what is required bring property into compliance.

Property Preservation & REO Services - Adaco works with it clients to ensure the properties that we are responsible for are preserved and maintained in a manner that complies with the industry standards and guidelines as well as the local municipalities code compliance requirements. We work with our clients to secure the property, remove any debris and Health & Safety issues, conduct regular lawn maintenance and winterize when required.

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