Vacant Property Registration

Vacant Property Registration Explained

  • Many municipalities mandate the registration of vacant properties. Regulated city-by-city, these registrations typically require a payment from the mortgagee plus information on how long the property has been vacant, plans for the vacant property and who to contact in case of an emergency.
  • Municipalities are continually enacting or modifying such regulations, so it can be difficult to keep up with the evolving requirements. Adaco updates its municipal vacant property ordinance database on a daily basis, and reconfirms ordinances every 90 days
  • Some property registrations require registration at time of foreclosure action - Notice of Default.
  • Adaco manages the process from start to finish, establishing relationships with municipal leaders, filling out and submitting all registration paperwork , coordinating actions needed to assure compliance and advancing the fees associated with registration.

Our Vacant Property Registration product offers a low cost yet highly efficient alternative for Banks, Services, and Asset Management firms to comply with the ever-growing volume of municipal requirements.

Features of the service include:

  • Quick turn times driven by experienced staff who understands the unique requirements in each jurisdiction.
  • Single Point of Contact accountability through highly trained and dedicated VPR Analysts
  • Proprietary databases containing up-to-date specific latest city registration requirements and pertinent resource information
  • Our standard fee includes advancing the city registration fee to ensure the flawless and rapid
  • Some benefits of utilizing Adaco's Services:
  • Full scrub services (we can quickly sort assets requiring registrations verses assets with no registration required)
  • Quick turn times to complete VPR based on our experience, on-going relationships with city officials, and extensive resources available to us.
  • Dedicated research specialist to insure precise compliance is being met
  • Experience in handling VPR in both pre and post sale status
  • Ability to address and manage Code Violations and HOA violations
  • On-line registration capabilities, featuring specific municipalities, FPRC, and Mers
  • Database contains the means to track renewals and de-registration requirements
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