Company Overview

Executive Summary

Adaco, LLC is a professional Field services company, populated with a staff of highly skilled, well trained and knowledgeable motivated individuals. Each member of the Field Services team maintains in depth knowledge of the regulations, codes and requirements in order to satisfy the expectations of HUD, FHA, HOA, Code Compliance and the Real property mortgage and financial management community..

Key Differentiators

Adaco excels at handling every project from simple items to the most complex with accuracy, ethics, and enthusiasm to ensure consistent on time results. Adaco, LLC consistently completes 98% of assigned projects within 48 hours with the highest degree of satisfaction. Adaco utilizes various forms of technology to expedite communication to the client and to the field.

Adaco takes immense pride in our on-time quality of work, professionalism in the field, and consistent customer satisfaction. We build long lasting relationships with client teams making communication easier, concise, and clear. Adaco has considerable professional experience working with real estate agents, building code officials, tenants, and local law enforcement.

Quality, timeliness, and the ability to perform a diverse scope of work are what have helped to set Adaco apart from its competitors. Our focus on contractor and processor/biller training, quality, and communication coupled with the years of management experience of its principles, the high quality and dedicated employees and contractors that perform work for us, as well as the industry knowledge and experience gained throughout the years is what has made Adaco strong within the industry.

Services Provided by Adaco LLC Services

  • Complete Property Preservation and REO Services
  • Evictions
  • Rehab
  • Demolition
  • Tenant Property Management
  • Landscaping
  • Inspections
  • HOA Compliance
  • Code Compliance
  • Code Violation Management
  • Vacant Property Registrations

Growth Strategy

Adaco's business operating model and market development strategy for expansion is what allows Adaco to stand out from its competitors. Our business operating model and strategy allows us the ability to expand and lower costs while still being able to maintain the ever important focus on quality and performance. Adaco's core values center around coverage, quality, turnaround times, cost, and accountability.

Adaco has a strong history of success with rapid expansion, while still being able to maintain a high level of service, quality, and performance.

Quality Control

Adaco holds itself and its contractors to a high level of quality expectations and deliverables. Internal QC processes, external QC processes, and continual improvement all make up Adaco's quality control plan. As industry demands continues to change there will be a greater need to be able to deliver these high quality expectations and Adaco has been able to continually adapt and modify its processes to ensure that all of its clients expectations are being met.


Adaco will be a good partner in the immediate and long term future. Adaco has been able to adapt to the changes in the industry, has implemented improved processes for better efficiencies and quality, has worked hard to gain the professional respect of peers and clients, and has always been committed to providing a high level of quality and providing fair and competitive pricing .

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