Property Preservation & REO Services

Conveyance Condition

Adaco will ensure all necessary work required by the guidelines for the loan type is complete and the property is in convey condition. If any work is needed to bring the property into convey condition, and can be completed for the allowable fee, the work will be completed under this order. If the work cannot be completed for the allowable fee, an estimate will be provided to bring the property into conveyance condition.


This service allows Adaco to perform all necessary property preservation services according to the guidelines for the loan type or client profile. For loan types with no applicable guidelines, the HUD guidelines will be followed. Services typically include changing entry lock, locking all windows and doors, winterizing to the specifications and maintaining the grounds, when required.

Lock Change & Lock Box

Adaco will change the lock(s) at the property to the key code requirements for the loan type, unless otherwise instructed by client. For loan types with no guidelines, the HUD guidelines will be followed. No additional services will be completed under this order, unless otherwise requested by client.

Secure Pools to include Boarding & Safety Covers

Adaco will secure the pool or hot tub at the property according to the requirements for the loan type. This could include decking, screening, pumping water out of the pool, chemical treatment and padlocking the pool gate, if required.

Pool Maintenance
Adaco provides pool services that include initial start-up of the pool and its operating systems, which may include draining, acid washing, and refilling the pool, adding any necessary chemicals to ensure the proper pH balance and examination/recommendation of repairs or replacement of the pump, motor and filter.

Ongoing pool maintenance services can be provided on a weekly basis to ensure that the pool is maintained in an appealing manner to enhance marketability of the property. Pools will be secured via locked gate or other means to discourage unauthorized persons from entering the pool area.

Board Windows & Doors

The property will be secured according to the specifications, unless otherwise instructed.

Lawn Maintenance

Adaco will perform the lawn maintenance to maintain the property's appearance, prevent further degradation to the grounds and relieve the property of any existing or potential violation of local ordinance.

Lawn cutting includes mowing the lawn, weeding, edge trimming, sweeping of all paved areas (sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.) and removal of all lawn clippings, related cuttings and incidental debris. The disposal of all clippings and incidental debris is removed in compliance with jurisdictional requirements.

Allow Access as Required
Under this service order, we will arrange to allow access for an individual(s) to a property previously secured by client. We will allow the individual(s) access to the property for the length of time requested, then ensure the windows and doors are locked prior to departing the premises.

Adaco provides eviction/lock out services. Adaco will work with the client and local authorities on the removal of all trash and personal property of the occupant. Eviction guidelines vary by state, county and city jurisdictions and Adaco will follow the specific instructions provided with each lockout request.

Sign Placement

Adaco provides a sign placement service, where we place signs in the yards of properties newly listed with realtors. As well Adaco will place signs within the property as requested by client.


This service requests to winterize the plumbing at the property, to prevent freeze damage, according to the requirements for the loan type.

Debris Removal

This service requests Adaco to remove interior, exterior or hazardous debris at the property as authorized by client request or the specifications for the loan type.

Janitorial Services

Adaco provides janitorial services to bring the property to a marketable condition. The services included are the vacuuming of all carpets, mop all hard floors, scrub all bowls and basins, wipe down all counter tops, cabinets and appliances. This can be a one-time request or a recurring monthly service.

Roof Tarps

Adaco will tarp damaged roofs in order to preserve the property and prevent the elements from entering the property in an attempt to maintain the integrity of the property and to prevent further damage. Roof will be tarped in accordance with HUD or Municipal specifications.

Repair and Rehabilitations
In addition to standard repairs as agreed upon in client contracts, Adaco offers full-spectrum rehabilitation of properties. Adaco strives to ensure that competitive materials and improvements are reflected in all aspects of the work and will coordinate and cooperate with the local ordinances. In the cases of higher-values properties where the property warrants upgraded materials or special work to bring it to its full market value, Adaco will provide a cost-effective scope that enhances marketability in the given price range.

Cash for Keys
Adaco can work with listing agents and clients on the cash for keys exchange. Adaco will inspect the property based upon Clients specifications and instructions and if the property meets Clients specifications, Adaco will complete the cash for keys exchange with the occupant(s) and listing agent. If the property does NOT meet cash for keys specifications, Adaco will inform client of such and reschedule the cash for keys exchange for a later date.

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